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Proper SEO for New Business

Proper is built on Common Sense. And Google likes all it’s ducks in a row. So… If you want to , do it in order. When starting a new company, or bringing an existing company online, this process will save you thousands of dollars in potential revenue loss. The attached image is actually a mind-map,…

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Social Explorer

Visually Explore Demographic Data  Before you choose a physical address for your new business location,  We’re always recommending our clients do some due diligence on their target markets before we get into their SEO projects. And of course…most of them politely neglect this area (and the many valuable tools we provide for it). For local…

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Unified Communications for SMBs!

This month we dive into Unified Communications (UC) – with a focus on Office365 and Microsoft . For those of you in the know, I know what you’re thinking. ..or is it?? Let’s do a quick roundup so everyone knows What we’re talking about and . For IT people supporting small business, . It’s the holy…

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