New website – new paradigm – 2022

Greetings friends!

After many years of procrastination, we’ve finally updated our website. Times have changed so much since we built this thing back in 2018. Turns out, we were ahead of our time back then ~ and ‘dark‘ is more in than ever. So, we kept with the main styling but had to kick the old theme to the curb (outdated & un-supported). We flipped it over to DIVI, and rebuilt all the layouts. As with all things wordpress, we spent almost as much time dealing with errors as we did actually designing. Hate to say it, but I am on the verge of walking away from wordpress forever. Alas, time is money – so here we are.

All together, it took about 3 days to get everything rebuilt. A lot of the new images we created ourselves with a new AI Generative art engine that is flat-out amazing. As for plugins; we removed over 90 active plugins & only have 4 running. We also removed large chunks of custom modules, pages & blog posts. As for SEO – fckit, all of our business comes from word of mouth anyway.

So here’s the deal.. I can’t imagine more than two dozen people ever read this. I’m just talking to myself really, which is the point. I’m going to start blogging again. Starting with a clean slate – my intention is to post here first, then on Medium. I want to start sharing all of the deep research reports we are generating on blockchain technologies. Some of this content is sensitive, so that stuff will get locked behind a token gate. More on that later..

For now, please stay tuned. The first blog series coming soon is a deep dive into over 250 blockchains, which seeks to answer the question, “What is the best blockchain to build your project on?“. After that, we’ll publish some content on Tokenomics, followed by one of the most exciting areas of interest; NFTs for new Music artists!



ps. The old site is hanging out over here for the time being:

About Casey Jeppesen
Casey Jeppesen is the CTO of Ecovalence. With 25yrs experience in the Tech industry; he is a self-proclaimed TechGnostic, Futurist & Digital Syncretist. He is also a Certified Blockchain Architectâ„¢ & Cryptocurrency Expert.