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Project Description

The owner of San Francisco Women’s Therapy was very happy with her existing web site (a clean & professional design by David Shakiban). She contracted us because she wanted to take it to the next level. Our initial consultations revealed a deep desire to exemplify the kind & quality of life their clients experience, by way of their service.

We began by envisioning where SFWT is two, five & ten years out. We saw the evolution, the lifestyle & the community surrounding it (target-market). And we set about creating it.

David Shakiban worked with Sige in live design sessions to decipher the feeling of this vision into colors, textures, fonts & imagery. The finished design is exquisite, flush with the gift that SFWT is offering. Beyond beauty, this design serves a dual-purpose. First; it generates instant rapport with the target market, enveloping them in layers of the kind and quality of sensation they seek in their own lives. Second; it brings SFWT into alignment with it’s higher purpose – attracting the quality of clients that are most served by it’s offering.

Once the site was designed & content in place, we encouraged Sige to go the extra mile. In our initial visioning, Sige had revealed how joyful the company is in the future. It ebbs and flows and grows organically. The right clients are attracted in (not sought out) and day-to-day operations are effortless (not tedious and time-consuming). From here, it was easy to see the contrast between the current state of the practice, and that which is desired. We came up with a monthly budget (forecasting growth) & assembled the most ideal cloud services to alleviate the pain-points, and serve as SFWT’s Small Business Ecosystem.

The Small Business Ecosystem

When Local SEO is done right, it follows the Law of Attraction. Let the Universe (theInternet) know where you are (Google+ LocalBizListings) and what you desire (meta tags & micro-data), and it will find You.

After reviewing several proprietary solutions for the therapist industry, it was clear we needed to mash-up our own. Feeding two birds with one seed; we began by moving all SFWT paper forms & policies onto the website (eliminating hours of weekly work for SFWT). We dove-tailed this with Local SEO efforts by optimizing the forms & pages with proper keyword densities, and implemented conversion tracking & dynamic-content-generation during the process. Then, we setup an agile CRM system & programmed those forms to send the information in as new leads & client interviews. From there, SFWT personnel can effortlessly manage client communications (phone, email, newsletters, etc.), client scheduling, and easily create campaigns to automate repetitive tasks.

Next, we setup QBO and plugged it in. So-long paper checks, paper invoices & paper receipts. Now, one-click creates the client record for accounting online, sends the invoice & receipts to the client by email, AND keeps it all in sync with the CRM.

Last but not least, we needed to address the collections issue (perhaps the stickiest pain-point of all). Sige isn’t a big fan of credit-card fees, so we tracked down a compatible solution to handle automatic-billing with e-checks ~ and plugged it in. The interface isn’t sexy, but for $16.95/mo – Sige can rest easy knowing that past-due invoices are a thing of the past. Client-payments come in automatically by e-check, on schedule per company policy. Hallelujah!

Approximate Time Savings

Data Entry: 4hrs/wk
Invoicing & Reciepts: 2hrs/wk
Client Managment: 2hrs/week
Bank Reconciliation: 2hrs/mo
EOY Taxes: 14hrs/yr
Total: 452 hours per year

For less than $150 per month, SFWT has freed up 56 8hr work days from their routine.  Managing the business is a LOT closer to the joyful experience they are committed to creating for both their clients, and themselves.

Project Details

Client: SF Women's Therapy

Tags: Branding, Local SEO, Managed Hosting, Small Business Ecosystem, Web Design, Web Development

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